Before you try to scan your gemstone, please make sure your NFC reading function of your phone is enabled. On Android phones, you can do this in your settings. iPhones typically have their nfc activated.


You need an iPhone 7 or higher.
The NFC scanner is located somewhere on the top part of your phone. You can find out by gently moving your necklace along the phone.


The NFC scanner of most Samsung phones is located in the center on the backside of your phone.


In most cases, the scanner is located in the top right corner on the backside of your phone.
Hence, on the opposite side of your camera, which can be found in the top left corner.

Other phones

In most cases, you will find the NFC scanner of your phone in the very center or at the top part of your phone. You can also find out by slowly sliding your gemstone around the backside of your phone until you hit it.
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