What is Pre-Order?

In our case, pre-order is the option to purchase an item before it is in stock with the understanding that it will be received later. In some cases it’s already in production once the order is made while in other cases it will be in production some time after the order is made, this will vary. After a specific amount of time it will be released first to those who pre-ordered the product.

How long do I wait for pre-ordered products?

Normally it would take around 6-8 weeks for a pre-ordered item with evermée. However this can vary depending on when you’ve made the order as we could already be halfway through production meaning you will receive your product sooner.

How can I see my pre-order update?

You can check your pre-order updates by simply clicking on this link https://evermee.com/pages/your-preorder. This site will show you the rundown of the situation for your pre-ordered jewelry.
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