What is an evermée memory?

At Evermée, we have acknowledged that memories are priceless. That is why we have amalgamated our exquisite jewelry with technology to craft something more than just a piece of captivating jewelry.
With the hidden twist inside, the Evermée memories necklace not only looks and feels the same as a piece of traditional jewelry but can also store your unforgettable moments inside. Embedded with a simple tech known as NFC (or Near Field Communication), the photos stored in the Evermée locket can be easily accessed onto your mobile device.
If you have received your Evermée necklace or planning to buy one, you need to know how easy it is to access and store your memories inside the Evermée necklace.

How many memories can be stored?

Your evermée comes with a standard of 1 free memory slot. If you’d like to add more you can easily buy extra photo slots from our website.

What can we upload?

Only photos can be uploaded into your evermée to prolong and cherish your memories

Can I add more memories?

You can add more memories by purchasing our extra photo slots, with this option you can add as many photos as you’d like! Here’s how to use them:

Once you've purchased your Photo Slots from our website, check for an Email from Evermée to find the code. Copy the code and open the Evermée App on your phone. Click on 'My Collection,' then press the three little dots and its 'Settings' pop-up beside the memory you'd like to add the slots. You should see additional memory code on this page. Here, you paste the code and select 'Use Code.'
When it says 'Extra slot extended successfully,' this means you've done it and now have your extra photo slots.

How Do I Upload A Memory?

Open the Evermée app and click “Scan Evermée”
Hold your jewelry against the back of your phone to scan (where the NFC scanner is located) Note: an NFC scanner has to touch your device to be scanned, and make sure there is no gap between your phone and your gemstone
Once it’s been scanned, a new page will pop up, press on the “Select Photo” button
Allow access to your photos if needed then pick the photo you’d like to put in
When the image shows, on the bottom right of your screen press the “Crop” button
After this there will be a “Next” button below your photo, click on it
It will display the words “Success!” meaning your photo has been added
Here you can click “Next” and add a title along with some words to go with your photo
Click “Next” one more time and your memory is fully uploaded!

Tip: On all the pages after choosing your photo, you can easily go back and switch to another if you change your mind

There are few things that you need to keep in mind when it is your first time scanning your evermée.

- Please make sure there is no other metal object near your phone and your evermée.
- If you are using a metal / solid phone case, pop socket or phone finger ring holder, please take them off as it could weaken the NFC antenna sensitivity on some devices
- To see where the NFC scanner is located on your phone, please click here

How Do I Change My Memories?

To change your memories, open the evermée app on your phone and select “My Collection”.
Find and click on the memory you’d like to change, when you find the image you’d like to replace, you should see a pencil icon on the top left above the picture.
Once you click it, your gallery should appear, next just select the image you’d like to use and press “Crop” on the bottom right of your screen.
Then when “Success” appears, just click “Next” and add your personal message and title and press “Next” again.
After “Success” shows, select “Show Memory” and you’re done!

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