There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when scanning your Evermée necklace, for this purpose, we've selected a few tips that could help you.

When trying to scan your gemstone, make sure the NFC reading function of your phone is enabled. iPhones generally have their NFC scanner activated at all times. On the other hand, Android phones might not, in which case you'll need to enable it by going into your settings > connections > NFC and contactless payments.

1. Touch your Evermée to your phone

NFC technology works best when there's contact. Always have your Evermée physically touching your phone in order for scanning to work.

Please make sure to move gently around the location of your NFC scanner on your phone. If you move too quickly it might not detect the tag in your jewelry.

2. Try changing the location of scanning

There's a specific part of your phone where your NFC scanner is located, if you're unsure where it is you can look up on the internet its brand and model along with "NFC" and you should be able to get the "sweet spot" for scanning.

You can also try scanning on the front of your phone, in case you're trying on the back, or the other way around!

3. Remove any items nearby that could cause signal interference

Your phone could be failing to pick up the NFC's signal due to an interference from nearby objects. If you are using any sort of phone case, pop socket, or phone finger ring holder, please take them off as it could weaken the NFC antenna sensitivity on some devices. This is a very common occurrence for users that have bulky or metal cases.

Any other metal items close to the necklace could be causing interference in scanning. Please make sure to have a clean surface while trying to scan. A good example is to hold the jewelry in the palm of your hand.

If none of this helps, you can also pop the pendant open and try scanning the gemstone alone.

4. Try putting your phone to "sleep"

Try locking its screen and unlocking it in order to trigger the NFC scanner in case it's not enabled.

Some phones don't have the option to turn their scanner on and off, which means it can be "off" in order to save battery. In some cases when you turn your screen on again it will automatically look for NFC tags around.

5. Hold your Evermée in place for a longer period

Unfortunately, the range and response time of the scanner is phone specific. You could try keeping the necklace close to the phone for a while in order to figure out the approximate time your device takes to pick up the NFC signal. Some phones can take around 10 seconds to scan, which can be quite frustrating if you're not aware of this information.

In case none of these tips help you, please contact our Support Team so we can help you out :)
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