How Do I Sign Up & Scan My First Evermée?

Open the app and click on the “Log in” button;
Type in your email address in the designated box and click on “Send email with log in details”;
You’ll then receive an email with a magic link that will redirect you back to the Evermée app and you’ll already be logged into your account;

In case the magic link isn’t working, in the same email, you’ll receive a login code. Go ahead and type this code to the box labeled “One time code” that appears in your app. After typing the code, go ahead and click “Sign in” to proceed.

After signing in, you’ll then be at the home page, where you’ll find a button that reads “Scan”. Go ahead and click on it;
A Scan page will appear with instructions and, right at the bottom, you’ll see a button labeled “Open Scanner”. A pop-up will appear indicating that your device is ready for scanning the Evermée.
Hold your Evermée jewelry against your phone, where the NFC scanner is located, and gently move it around. Please make sure the necklace is touching your device, there should be no gap between your phone and your gemstone.

If you're unsure where your NFC scanner is located, please refer to our Where is my phone's NFC Scanner Located? article.

Once it’s been scanned, a new page will pop up. Here, you can begin to upload and immortalize your memories!

In case you're having issues with scanning, please refer to our Troubleshooting article.
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