What counts as a lost package?

For US packages, it counts as a lost package after 1 week without updates on tracking.
For International packages, it counts as a lost package after 6 weeks without updates on tracking.

What Can You Do?

In case your package is lost, you'll need to claim it to USPS.

Beforehand, we generally advise customers to try and contact a local post office or your country's customs service in order to figure out if the package is being held in customs or else. Sometimes there's taxing involved or they only need you to get in touch to proceed with delivery.

Please be aware that we're not able to obtain any information about your package since it's a personal item.

We strongly advise that customers purchase insurance as, sometimes, USPS isn't able to locate your package. In these cases, we won't be able to get you a refund or resend the item(s).

How to claim your lost package

Please go to https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm

USPS will ask the shipper’s details in which you can give this address:

Evermee LLP
c/o Small Business Warehousing
5107 W Idlewild Ave, Ste B
Tampa, FL 33634


|| This option is only available if you purchased insured shipping along with your jewelry.

Insurance guarantees that, if there is a loss or damage during the shipping process, we'll take care of it.
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