You can upload your photos before and after receiving your jewelry, here are the step-by-step guides to getting your photo in your evermee jewelry:

How To Upload A Photo Once You Have Your Jewelry

Open the Evermee app and click “Scan Evermee”
Hold your jewelry against the back of your phone to scan (where the NFC scanner is located)
Once it’s been scanned, a new page will pop up, press on the “Select Photo” button
Allow access to your photos if needed then pick the photo you’d like to put in
When the image shows, on the bottom right of your screen press the “Crop” button
After this there will be a “Next” button below your photo, click on it
It will display the words “Success!” meaning your photo has been added
Here you can click “Next” and add a title along with some words to go with your photo
Click “Next” one more time and your memory is fully uploaded!

Tip: On all the pages after choosing your photo, you can easily go back and switch to another if you change your mind

In any case – no more printing and cutting of tiny photos necessary anymore.

Plus: The resolution of the photo on your phone screen is much higher compared to printed photos for lockets!

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