Do I Need To Charge The Jewelry?

No, you will never need to charge any evermée jewelry

Is Your Jewelry Waterproof and Water Resistant?

Yes, our jewelry is water proof and your photo will not be lost after dropping your jewelry into water:

Here is a video of us wearing it in the ocean.

However, we strongly advise you NOT to let water touch your jewelry, in order to avoid an oxidizing reaction of the silver that can result in stains.

How Do I Change My Gemstones?

Take your pendant off the chain
On the top section where the chain loops through, there should be 3 segments, if you push or pull the center hoop or both side hoops, you’ll see that it opens the pendant’s frame
Once it is open, you can take out your gemstone and switch it with a different evermée gemstone
Now you can use your entire evermée gemstone collection in just one frame


All our chains are adjustable, there are three small loops along the chain of the necklace that can be hooked onto so that it’ll provide you with multiple lengths to style as you desire.

Evermée Collections

For women who are beautiful like a jewel, tough like a nail, and unstoppable like time, Evermée brings the ‘Night Sky’ & the ‘Dreamland’ collection.
Crafted from nature’s rarest and prettiest gifts. Both these collections feature exquisite necklaces adorned with alluring gemstones. The necklaces are entirely waterproof and come with an adjustable chain length. In addition, to their captivating appearance. The necklaces are amalgamated with technology to store priceless memories inside.

The Night Sky Collection

Designed and made for women who adore the look and feel of natural metals. The Night Sky Collection features necklaces that are made with pure Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. The gemstone in the pendant is the feature that gives each necklace in this collection a different vibe.

Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
The Midnight Necklace in this collection is embellished with a Lapis Lazuli natural gemstone. Available in both Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil options. This stunning necklace is the perfect jewelry for women who love mystery and beauty.
The Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
Reminiscent of a starry night sky. A semi-precious opaque stone is known for its intense royal blue color with sparkling golden flecks. This gemstone is the best when it comes to love and relationships. It brings love, wisdom, and emotional healing to the woman who wears it.

Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone
The Full Moon Necklace in the Night Sky collection comes with a Mother of Pearls gemstone fitted in the pendant. Available in both Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil options. The necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry for women who love simplicity and the essence of nature.
The Mother of Pearls Gemstone
Molded in nature's lap. The Mother of Pearls is a splendid piece of gemstone that resembles a Pearl. Besides the visual appeal, the Mother of Pearl is a long-lasting and durable stone. Surprisingly, the more you wear this gemstone, the better it is. Thanks to the natural oils secreted by the human skin, it helps maintain the luster and toughness of the stone.

Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone
The Morning Cloud Necklace carries the grace of a powerful stone known for its healing power – the Pink Opal. Like the other necklaces in this collection, the Morning Cloud Necklace is also available in Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil options. Any woman is bound to fall in love with this necklace.
The Pink Opal Gemstone
Pink Opal is a beautiful manifestation of nature's celestial archetypes. It is valued for its Pink hue, fascinating luster, and durability. Known for its calming and soothing vibe, this gemstone carries the gentle frequency that encourages the release of worry, fear, or anxiety.

The Dreamland Collection

At Evermée, we value our customers and their feedback. Inspired by our lovely community of awesome people and their votes. We came up with the Dreamland Collection. This collection features necklaces that are made from brass with 18k gold plating. Both the necklaces in this collection are studded with gorgeous resin filled artificial stones. Less in price, the necklaces comprising this collection are as unique and stunning as our elite Night Sky Collection.

The Crystal Necklace
Conveying the charm of nature’s exquisiteness in an artificial resin filled crystal stone. The Crystal Necklace is an attractive piece of jewelry that would fascinate women of all ages. Built from superior brass metal and covered with 18k gold. The necklace feels as real and as exquisite as a 24k gold necklace, but at a lower price. Moreover, featuring a stunning artificial crystal stone, this necklace, just like our other necklaces, takes beauty to a new level.

The Purple Necklace
The unique, captivating purple hue of the stone in this necklace makes it stand out from our other necklaces. Crafted from high-quality brass covered with 18k gold. The necklace feels as real and as exquisite as a 24k gold necklace, but at a lower price. Adorned with an artificial purple resin filled stone, the necklace looks both charming and sophisticated to the eyes. This Purple Necklace of our Dreamland collection will appeal to all the young women out there.
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